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Get Help 24 Hours A Day

Your peace of mind is our top priority. We offer multiple ways to get support 24 hours a day so you can rest easy. Please choose only one method to get in contact with us, starting with the self-help knowledgebase, so we can keep our response times low. The more times you submit a request the more times we’ll have to reply, causing a delay for yourself and others to get a response. We strive to respond to all support inquiries within 1 hour, but only guarantee 1 hour response to our VIP Support clients.

Unique Response Methods

Each time you enter a ticket we will offer you the opportunity to choose whether you would like your request completed for you, or would like to be walked through completing the task yourself. We believe this option empowers clients to handle future issues themselves without the need to contact and wait for support, or choose to have it all handled for them so they can get back to what’s most important to them.

New Contact Methods

We have recently incorporated two new ways to get in contact with us for your convenience. While the Helpdesk is always preferred (for tracking purposes) the Voxer and Text Message methods have been put in to place for ease and convenience, for those times you may be away from your PC and/or prefer to leave a voice message. With Voxer and Text you will want to make sure to provide your name, domain name, and security question answer.